Janitorial/Cleaning Services

Five Star prides itself in the ability to be flexible to you and your client's needs, and through the years we have provided many type of cleaning services.

Five Star Janitorial LLC

However our core business services include:

  • Apartment Building and Common Area Cleaning / Janitorial.
  • Pet Waste Management and Removal Year Round.
  • Common Area Loose Trash Pick Up.
  • Swimming Pool Deck and Restroom Cleaning.


Five Star Janitorial provides a system that creates an awareness of a dog owner's responsibility, and produces a greater compliance in picking up after their pets. Five Star Janitorial, on a schedule of your choice will pick up pet waste from your entire property or specific areas.

Five Star Janitorial offers affordable solutions for you and your community that includes:

  • Working with you and your community to create an effective waste management plan.
  • Installation and servicing of pet waste stations, signage and supplies.
  • Pet waste and loose trash pickup in common areas.
  • Scheduled cleaning times.
  • Regular communication on problem areas and/offenders.
  • Five Star Janitorial offers year round services.
  • Creation, production and posting of fliers to promote use, and location of pet waste stations.

We offer two types of stations that we lease to your community.

For more information Please Contact Us at (720) 495-2847


Five Star can make your condominium's common area a clean environment for your tenants and bring more value to your condo complex. It is often more convenient and cost effective to outsource cleaning services for common areas since it provides regular professional service.

Five Star's cleaning services include but are not limited to:

  • Carpeted floors, rugs and doormats vacuumed.
  • Floors in common areas cleaned.
  • Windows in common areas washed.
  • Windowsills dusted and cleaned.
  • High and low dusting to include doorframes windows and mouldings.
  • Removal of spots on walls.
  • Cleaning of garbage rooms.
  • Cleaning of laundry rooms.
  • Removal of exterior cobwebs.
  • Clean up of exteriors of entry ways.