Common Area Cleaning

When a prospective tenant enters your property, whether commercial or residential, the first thing they are going to see is the common areas.  Because of this, common area cleaning represents a key opportunity for outsized return on investment (ROI) for HOAs and property managers in the greater Denver and Aurora areas.  First impressions of door vestibules, lobbies, elevators, stairwells, and hallways make a lasting impression.  The condition of other amenities – like exercise rooms, mail rooms, and laundry rooms – can make or break signing that new lease. 

The same is true of lease renewal.  If a tenant is irritated with dirt, trash, or germs on surfaces, they are far less likely to resign a lease.  After the Covid-19 pandemic, tenants, HOAs, and property managers alike all came to expect – and demand – much higher levels of cleanliness, with a focus on touchable surfaces like door handles and elevator buttons.  Considering how drastically norms around cleanliness have shifted, I don’t see us going to back to pre-covid demand for cleanliness. 

Property managers and HOAs throughout the greater Denver and Aurora areas should expect a continued sensitivity to common area cleaning practices.  Dirty common areas severely harm the rent you can charge as a property manager in this new environment, increase your turnover rate, and over the long term will greatly reduce the value of your property.  Five Star Janitorial uses CDC approved chemicals and processes to thoroughly clean common areas, giving management and residents peace of mind.

Don’t Get Complacent About Common Area Cleaning

Many property managers and HOAs fall into the trap of being complacent when it comes to common area cleaning.  They get stuck in a bad routine strictly out of habit and status quo.  It is easy to fall into this trap.  Sadly, I have seen first-hand time and time again the harm that substandard common area cleaning can have on commercial and residential properties.  It is shocking how quickly a building can go from new and highly desirable to low rent and in disrepair, without consistent, professional cleaning services.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, many properties that were too slow to increase cleaning practices lost frustrated tenants rightfully worried about their health.  The good news is that I have also seen the reverse occur. 

When a property has failed at maintaining common areas for a few years and is on a downward trajectory, bringing in professional, consistent help can be just the small investment the property manager or HOA needs to get everything back on track.  Well-trained cleaning professionals not only clean, they also act as an extra set of eyes and ears for the HOA or property manager, noting maintenance issues, safety concerns, or suspicious activity, and communicating these issues quickly and professionally to the client.  Their visibility at properties also tells tenants that management cares.  Tenants are thrilled when areas that were once dirty are now sparkling and sanitized, and they can confidently open that door or press that button without cringing.

Common area cleaning is a perfect example of high ROI.  That is, putting a small amount of money into it up front can have much higher returns over the long term.  Trained cleaning professionals clean common areas faster, more thoroughly, and far better than anyone else.  They have the best equipment, and their entire focus is on the task at hand. Their specialization makes them extremely efficient.  This efficiency is a huge benefit to HOAs and property managers.  Rather than wasting money cleaning common areas themselves or hiring non-professionals, property managers and HOAs can maximize their return on investment by getting the pros on board. 

The efficiency of the professionals keeps costs down, and the quality of their work, using CDC approved chemicals and processes, makes it worth every penny.  As a property manager or HOA, do not fall into the trap of complacency or substandard common area cleaning.  And if you have, it is not too late to turn it around and protect the value of your units.  Five Star Janitorial is highly qualified to help you maximize your common area cleaning budget with outstanding, professional cleaning services.  We pride ourselves on our unique, collaborative approach to common area cleaning, with outstanding communication to keep all the stakeholders – HOAs, property managers, and cleaning crews – on the same page.  Contact us today so we can help keep your properties clean throughout the greater Denver and Aurora areas!

By Art Tucker, Owner, Five Star Janitorial