Is your commercial property going to be fresh and clean this spring?

Spring Clean Ideas for Denver Property Managers

In this blog, Five Star Janitorial Owner Art Tucker provides his top spring clean ideas for Denver and Aurora Property managers. After over 15 years in the commercial cleaning business, we know what property managers and HOAs should think about with spring around the corner. By keeping these items in my mind, you can keep your common areas clean and fresh.

Winter is hard on neighborhoods, apartment buildings, senior living centers, and other commercial properties.  A lot of issues can pile up, and tend to go unaddressed when we are all hunkered down for the winter. With Five Star Janitorial, you can get your property back in top form just as the snow starts to melt.

Don’t be left scrambling to make appointments this spring for important services like:

  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Trash chute / trash room cleaning
  • Pet Waste Round Up

In today’s business environment it is more important than ever to book your spring cleaning in advance. Five Star Janitorial would love to help you get your commercial property back in ship shape after a long winter.  Contact our team today to discuss how we can help you this spring!


The first thing on your spring cleaning list in Denver and Aurora should be window cleaning. Nothing gets dirty in the winter quite like glass windows and doors. The outsides of windows and glass doors get covered in water marks an streaks, making them dirty looking and unattractive to residents.

Not only that, the insides get very foggy and tend to have gross condensation marks. If you aren’t getting your windows and glass cleaned every spring, your residents will notice. 


The next thing to add to your spring cleaning list is a deep carpet clean. Snow and ice during the winter mean two things: mud and salt.  It is easy to see mud and salt marks on tile floors, so everyone cleans those up right away with a mop. However, what is not as obvious is how nasty salt and mud are making your carpets all winter.

Make sure that in addition to mopping your floors, you also have your carpets deep cleaned in the spring.  Failing to deep clean your carpeting can lead to your carpets becoming stained and ugly, and not lasting as long. Additionally, your residents will be forced to breathe in dust from the filthy carpeting. It can even cause unattractive odors! Avoid these problems by scheduling a deep carpet clean for your common spaces.

Trash Chutes / Trash Rooms

Another item that needs attention in the spring is trash chutes and trash rooms. In the winter, cold temperatures let you get away with dirty trash rooms and chutes. Rodents are less active in the winter, and the freezing temperatures keep nasty odors down.

As the weather warms up a dirty trash room or chute will stink up your apartment building, senior center, or other commercial property. The trash room will get funky in a hurry. The stench brings in mice and rats. 

Don’t get lazy and think you can keep ignoring dirty trash chutes and trash rooms this summer. Nip the problem in the bud and get your trash infrastructure deep cleaned by Five Star Janitorial. Getting out in front of this issue is the best way to handle it!

Pet Waste Round Up

Snow isn’t the only thing that piles up in Denver and Aurora during the winter. When snow falls pet owners get lazy! They don’t want to take their hands out of their pockets to pick up pet waste. Other times, they may not feel safe climbing off the sidewalk into the snow to clean up after their pet. Even if they do venture into the snow after dog poop, they may not be able to find it buried under fresh snow!

For residents and property managers alike this means one thing. You need to watch where you step when the snow begins to melt. Dog poop is everywhere in the springtime, and it can ruin your resident’s enjoyment of your lovely green spaces.

The only way to avoid a filthy property covered in dog waste after a long winter is to do a dog waste round up at the beginning of spring. When the snow has melted a professional cleaning service like Five Star Janitorial can go around your property and make sure no dog poop gets left behind for unsuspecting residents to step in.

Get in Touch With Five Star Janitorial Today

As we all begin to look forward to spring coming to Denver and Aurora, it is important that you be prepared for this crucial time of year. Your common areas will be in rough shape and in need of a deep clean by a professional cleaning service like Five Star Janitorial!

Many leases are up in the beginning of summer, and prospective tenants begin touring properties in earnest, looking for their new place to live. Make sure your apartment building, neighborhood, senior living center, or other commercial property shows well during this crucial time of year.

Contact Five Star Janitorial for your free quote, and to schedule a Spring Clean. We can get your property in top form for summer!