commercial / janitorial cleaning hacks for Denver apartment buildings

Commercial / Janitorial Cleaning Hacks for Denver Apartment Buildings

Art Tucker, Founder of Five Star Janitorial, shares commercial / janitorial cleaning hacks for Denver Apartment Buildings in this Blog. If you need common area cleaning, Five Star has the experience and expertise you need on your team.

In our 15+ years of experience cleaning in the greater Denver Metro area, we have successfully cleaned common areas in all kinds of properties including:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Senior living centers
  • Condo Common Areas
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Commercial Properties
  • Other HOA amenities

Our experience cleaning has taught us a lot of tricks to be more efficient and get a deeper clean.  Here are just four of our janitorial cleaning hacks to quickly up your game!

#1  Use Checklists for Efficiency Cleaning Apartment Buildings

The first of our commercial / janitorial cleaning hacks for Denver Apartment Buildings is to use checklists for efficiency while cleaning. Checklists are critical to common area cleaning for several reasons. First, using checklists reduces wasted time.  A lot of people stand around, wringing their hands, wondering what they should clean next. By having a well thought out checklist, you never have to waste time worrying about what to clean.

Second, creating a cleaning checklist ensures a thorough clean.  It is very easy to accidentally overlook important aspects of common area cleaning when you don’t have a list.  When we clean common spaces, we work closely with the HOA or property manager to create a cleaning checklist.

This ensures all parties are on the same page about the cleaning services that will be provided. It also ensures that your property gets thoroughly cleaned.  If you are cleaning your own amenities, make sure you use a checklist. Here is a sample checklist like one we would use for an apartment lobby:

  • Empty trash & recycling
  • Vacuum carpets and mats
  • Wash windows and glass
  • Sanitize high touch surfaces
  • Sweep / mop floors
  • Clean & restock bathroom

Some things that are frequently overlooked include emptying the bathroom trash and sanitizing high touch surfaces like door handles and elevator buttons. In addition to having a checklist for what to clean in a specific room, it is important to also have a checklist of which areas need to be cleaned. The checklist above was for an apartment lobby, but you might also need a checklist for stairwells and hallways, gyms, party rooms, and offices.  

At the end of the day the key thing is to write it all down so you can quickly replicate a thorough clean as efficiently as possible.

#2  Get a Good Multi-Surface Cleanser

The second of our commercial / janitorial cleaning hacks for Denver Apartment Buildings is to have a good multi-surface cleanser. This a crucial cleaning hack because it will allow you to clean much faster than you could if you needed to return to your janitorial supplies each time you switch tasks. 

If you have a good all-round cleanser or disinfectant, it is possible to simply switch to a clean rag and keep on cleaning without stopping. Some property managers or cleaning services waste a lot of time going back to the supply cart or closet, and they don’t get a better clean, it just takes them longer.

Sure, you will need more than one type of cleanser to do a good job and check off everything on your checklist. However, having one go-to, all around cleaning product goes a long way for increasing efficiency.  

When it comes to common area cleaning time is money.  Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it. Our team is well-trained and experienced, which means we can clean faster. This means increased savings on your end, and a higher quality clean at the same time.

Denver metro common area cleaning

#3  Use High-Quality Lint Free Rags for Sparkling Surfaces and Glass

The third commercial / janitorial cleaning hack for Denver Apartment Buildings and Senior Living Facilities is to have a good stock of high-quality lint free rags.  Just like you need a good multi-surface cleanser to clean more efficiently, you also need this important all-around tool.

A good supply of lint free rags allows you to clean high touch surfaces, windows and glass, tabletops, and anything else in sight without stopping. Some cleaners use cheap rags that leave irritating lint on glass windows and other surfaces. Not Five Star Janitorial. We understand the importance of doing the job the right way and leaving every surface sparkling.

It is key to be well-stocked with a large number of lint free rags. This allows you to switch rags when one becomes slightly dirty. By using clean rags, a deeper clean is possible.

High-quality lint free rags and a go-to all around cleanser and like a hand and glove. Both are key parts of a thorough common area clean in the Denver and Aurora Metro Areas.

#4 Forget the Elbow Grease, Call Five Star Janitorial

The fourth of our commercial / janitorial cleaning hacks for Denver apartment buildings is to forget the elbow grease and call Five Star Janitorial. Our experienced cleaning team utilizes common area cleaning checklists, great multi surface cleansers, and high-quality lint free rags to ensure a deep clean in a short amount of time.

Five Star Janitorial is simply different from the competition. Unlike other Denver cleaning services, we pride ourselves on our excellent communication and customer service.  Don’t waste your time trying to clean all of your common areas yourself. Bring in the pros instead! Contact us today for your free quote and to see how we can help you.