Window Cleaning Tips for Property Managers & HOAs in Denver and Aurora

Our professional cleaners share window cleaning tips for property managers and HOAs in Denver and Aurora in this blog.  We have years of experience maintaining clean common areas in apartment buildings and condo communities throughout the greater metro area. 

Windows and glass in common areas need to be washed regularly to eliminate:

  • Fingerprints
  • Dirt and dust
  • Unsightly smudges
  • Water marks from rain and snow

If you don’t have the time or resources to wash windows yourself, Five Star Janitorial Services can help you keep them sparkling.  Give us a call today for your free consultation.

#1 The Right Tools for Window Cleaning in Denver and Aurora

The first tip for property managers and HOAs looking to keep cleaner windows and glass in their apartment or condo community is to buy the right equipment.  A huge part of window washing is knowing which gear you need to do the job right. Some of the required equipment includes:

  • Squeegee
  • Vinegar based window cleaning solution
  • Spray bottle
  • Microfiber towel (or black and white newspaper)
  • A fine razor for hard grime
  • Caution signs for slip or trip hazards

One important thing to remember is that you should never try to wash windows or glass that you can’t reach easily by yourself.  If you need ladders, you need to call professional window cleaners instead.  Safety during window cleaning is always the first concern, and professionals should know how to follow the necessary procedures. Cleaning windows can be very dangerous, and professionals should handle any job out of easy reach.

Another thing on this list we mentioned is caution signs. To reduce risk of injury to apartment or condo residents, make sure you have caution signs for any tripping hazards or wet floors.  You should never leave a slip or trip hazard unattended or unsigned.

Five Star Janitorial performs window cleaning in and around common areas of apartment buildings and condos.  If you need help keeping your lobby, gym, or party room glass clean, we can help!

#2 The Right Techniques for Window Cleaning

The second window cleaning tip for property managers and HOAs is to use the right technique.  Using the right technique is important to avoid streaks, and to get the glass as clean as possible.

Step one is putting the right vinegar based cleaning solution in a spray bottle.  Once that is done, the following steps should be used:

  1. Spray the window you are working on with the cleaning solution
  2. Scrub the window with either a micro fiber rag or black and white newspaper (avoids lint!)
  3. After scrubbing, use the squeegee from top to bottom in straight rows to dry. Flick the squeegee after each line to remove excess moisture.
  4. Use a fine razor blade to remove hard, baked on grime. Tree sap, bird poop, mud, may require this method. The blade should be wide and flat, similar to a paint scraper.  Slide underneath the edge of the grime and scrape off.

Something a lot of people don’t consider when washing windows is the weather.  In Denver and Aurora the weather can be extreme.  You won’t want to clean your common area glass if the temperature is too cold or too hot.  Too cold and the solution could freeze to the glass.  Too hot out, and the solution could evaporate quickly leaving streaks!

These variations in weather also mean that glass gets dirty fast.  Rain and snow leave unsightly water marks.  The insides of windows can steam up when it is cold outside. Wind blows dirt that sticks to windows. 

All these considerations make regular window cleaning very important to maintaining good curb appeal in any apartment or condo community.

#3 The Right Team for Window Cleaning in Denver & Aurora

The biggest tip for window cleaning in Denver and Aurora is to hire the right team. We understand the property managers and HOAs have their hands full.  This is why we pride ourselves on helping busy professionals with common area cleaning.  Window washing is a key piece of our cleaning services.

Dirty windows and glass are one of the first things potential residents see when they enter an apartment or condo. By hiring a regular cleaning service, you can stay ahead of it and keep your curb appeal high!

Get in touch with the team at Five Star Janitorial to learn more about how we can help you.