Denver & Aurora Pet Waste Management

Property managers and HOA’s in the Denver and Aurora areas should make sure they have pet waste stations readily available for their tenants. 

Coloradans are dog lovers, and pet waste management is very important for a clean community with good property values.  Not only that, in Denver and Aurora it is actually illegal for a dog owner to leave dog poop in public areas!

These stations also signal to prospective residents that a community is dog friendly, making them want to move in.  If you want a clean community that maintains its value over time, dog waste stations can have a big positive impact.  Five Star Janitorial can help with pet waste station installation and routine maintenance.  Get in touch with us if you’d like your property evaluated.

Dog Waste Can Be Frustrating

According to the CDC, pet waste can spread harmful bacteria that makes people sick.  It is hard to imagine something more frustrating than stepping in dog poop.  As a dog owner, it frustrates me because I am so careful to always clean up after my dog.  Stepping in dog waste is even more frustrating for tenants that don’t own dogs. 

Having dog poop around the exterior of your building can ruin the rental experience of your tenants.  They may avoid the grass that they would otherwise be able to enjoy due to pet waste.  They may avoid the outside amenities due to the smell of dog waste.  And, quite frankly, it looks gross to anyone walking by, whether or not they own a dog.  

Too much dog poop in common areas can ruin the appeal of a community, and cause confrontations between upset residents.

The Bottom Line With Pet Waste

One of the biggest concerns for property managers and HOA’s in Denver and Aurora is how they can compete in such a competitive real estate market.  A major mistake that I frequently see property managers making that hurts their property values is they underestimate the importance of a clean exterior.  To keep your residents happy and your property values high, a pet waste management strategy is essential.

In addition to keeping your current residents happy, a pet waste management strategy can make you more money. According to one study, 68% of households own a pet. In my first-hand experience, these numbers are only going to keep going up. 

It is difficult to overstate the importance of pet waste stations around the exterior of your property.  Millennial and Gen-Z tenants and homeowners are dog lovers, and dog poop stations can really make your community stand out to potential residents as being exceptionally dog friendly.  Knowing your property is dog friendly will increase the rate you can charge tenants, who often struggle to find pet-friendly housing.

How Do Pet Waste Stations Help?

A pet waste station serves two main purposes.  The first is obvious – they physically provide bags and a trash can, enabling the dog owners to quickly and conveniently clean up after their four-legged friend. The second purpose is just as important. The dog waste station serves as a reminder to clean up after their dog. 

Pet waste stations often have a sign attached to them thanking people for cleaning up after their pet.  This highly visible reminder is just as important as the physical presence of bags and a nearby trash can.  Working together, the dog owner is reminded to clean up, and has no excuse not to. 

Contact Five Star Janitorial to Keep Your Property Clean!

So, whether you are hoping to keep your existing residents happy or maximize the value of your investment with new residents, pet waste must be addressed.  If you are in the greater Denver and Aurora areas, Five Star Janitorial can help you develop a pet waste management plan.  Together we can protect your property values by keeping your property clean and looking more dog friendly.

By Art Tucker, Owner, Five Star Janitorial