Cleaning Precautions in Apartment Common Areas in Denver & Aurora

There are important precautions that you should take when cleaning apartment common areas in Denver and Aurora.  Five Star Janitorial always follows industry best-practices to keep everyone safe during the cleaning process.  There are two different types of janitorial cleaning precautions: resident safety and worker safety.

Resident safety focuses on keeping apartment residents safe, whereas worker safety precautions strive to keep janitorial workers safe from hazards.  Both types of safety precautions are equally important to properly follow.

Five Star Janitorial keeps resident and worker safety at front of mind when we are cleaning for our clients.  If you are concerned about safety during the cleaning process, contact us today, we make sure to handle all these details for you so you don’t have to worry.

Resident Safety During Common Area Cleaning

Apartment residents in Denver and Aurora should be kept safe during common area cleaning.  There are several different best-practices cleaning services need to follow.  These include:

  • Using “caution” signs to clearly mark wet floors
  • Keeping a close eye on loose cords
  • Replacing door mats so nobody trips
  • Never leave chemicals open or unattended
  • Properly ventilate areas when needed
  • Make sure to close and lock doors that were propped open

There are additional safety practices that may need to be followed depending on the type of job being performed.  The key is to always use reasonable care to prevent accidents.

Five Star Janitorial always pays close attention and thinks carefully about safety. This ensures reasonable precautions are taken, which reduces the risk of liability.

Worker Safety During Common Area Cleaning

Just like residents, janitorial workers need to be kept safe throughout their duties. By hiring an outside cleaning crew, you don’t have to worry about safety procedures for employees – you can leave that to us!

Our management team thinks carefully about employee safety.  We stay up to date on U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidance to keep our workers safe.   

Some of the OSHA worker safety procedures we follow include:

  • Ensuring workers know to properly ventilate while working
  • Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Always leave labels on chemicals
  • Explaining the hazards of chemicals used
  • Requiring employees wear close-toed shoes

It is crucial to keep everyone safe during the cleaning process. We take safety seriously, so you can trust us to do the job the right way.  Don’t spend any more time with dirty common areas because you can’t find the help you need – Five Star is the solution!

Contact Our Team Today

If you are concerned about janitorial cleaning precautions in apartment common areas in Denver and Aurora, you think like Five Star!  We are concerned about resident safety and worker safety too.  As a locally owned and managed business, we strive to take care of our neighbors.

Don’t stress out about common area cleaning procedures.  Five Star Janitorial can help keep your apartment building safe and clean. Contact our team today so we can get started helping you!